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Published Sep 23, 22
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How Classic Irish Coffee Recipe - Mix That Drink can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

First, it added just a touch of the sourness from sweet vermouth itself and secondly, it thickened the mouthfeel a bit to something closer to a true Manhattan. Now while I did try this with both bourbon and rye, and both work well, Rittenhouse rye won here as the standout.

is a wonderful spirit for anyone who’s just beginning to explore the world of Scotch whisky. You may be surprised at how lovely and drinkable it really is. And even without the coffee, sugar, and cream, it’s a wonderful Scotch to sip a wee bit and warm up on a cold evening.

If you’d love to give it a taste (and we suggest you do), click the link from Reserve, Bar. For this recipe you can use any hot brewed coffee that you enjoy. A smooth medium roast coffee is what we recommend for the best all around flavor. Many coffee lovers around the world that are serious about their beans recommend using French Press to make the best coffee.

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You can visit to learn more about their amazing process, people and passion for their Scotch whisky. See our post .

Easy! Start by gathering high quality ingredients, then: I like dark roast best in Irish coffees, personally, but that’s my general preference. Freshly brewed coffee is the way to go! I’m partial to Jameson. It’s the brand we used to make Irish coffees when I was a bartender. Bushmills is a less expensive option.

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Substitute Irish cream (like Bailey’s) for some or all of the whiskey. Skip the homemade whipped cream and add a splash of half and half instead. If you’re looking for a less boozy drink, simply ease up on the whiskey. Skip the whiskey and you have a delicious homemade coffee drink (nothing Irish about it, but hey, it’s tasty).

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Pour in a splash of the coffee and stir with a spoon until the maple syrup dissolves into the coffee. Pour in the rest of the coffee. Taste, and stir in additional maple syrup if you would like a sweeter drink. Top with whipped cream. If your whipped cream is lightly whipped (soft peaks), you may need to pour it slowly over a spoon so it floats on top.

You can find my recipe for coconut whipped cream in my cookbook, Love Real Food, page 220. The information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice. See our full nutrition disclosure here. Did you make this recipe? .

We’re making dreams come true. Remember the time when I used to write full blown blog posts about hating coffee? Ha. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I’ve crossed over to the dark side. Last week we did hot breakfast-style coffee and this week we’re doing cold treat style coffee. You can have both in one day.

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It sounded fun. My love affair started with iced, it was the only way I could take it down. And I would make it taste like ice cream, of course, because after all – I always loved coffee ice cream even though I didn’t like hot coffee. I still can’t do it black, but I CAN do it less sugary now.

Key emphasis on LESS. I still need a hint of sweetness. Not like starbucks-cup-on-crack sweetness, not like please-give-me-diabetes-coffee or half coffee/half syrup, but you know… just a touch. And in this case, just a touch of whiskey syrup. YESSSSS. Whiskey syrup. We’re going there. Actually, we’re going here: BROWN SUGAR whiskey syrup.

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I’m just so excited! Speaking of excited, I saw a funny meme on instagram yesterday about a teacher telling their student to cut back on their exclamation point use and to save them for something exciting. And the student said, but I think everything is exciting! Um hello. Welcome to my life.

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Also, I swear I did not have four of these coffees before writing this nonsense. I’m sure of it. My grandpa would probably have loved this coffee, even though he would have loved it more minus the… coffee. True statement. He was super Irish! In heritage and in behavior. A shot and a beer was usually included in his afternoon plans but he was well into his 90s, so it was okay.

(Not today. Not right now.) I used my favorite cold brew recipe, a touch of cream and(!) coconut whipped cream. For a few reasons: 1. I adore coconut whipped cream. Adore it. But also 2. I was out of heavy cream, at least I didn’t have enough for coffee drenching and whipped cream.